Society Charter Members

The Baxter County, Arkansas, Historical Society was founded in the early 1970s by a group of "old-timers,"
joined by some "newcomers," who were interested in preserving the history of our county.

Those first members as listed in Volume 1, Number 1, of Baxter County History,
the quarterly publication of the Society, (published Summer 1975), were:

Baker, James H.

Bloom, Joseph W.

Bloom, Irma

Bonow, Walter A.

Bonow, Hazen E.

Carroll, Garvin

Colston, Ronald

Davis, Leo T.

Fleming, Louise

Fisk, Lloyd

Fisk, Florene

Golden, Phoebe

Grass, Raymond L.

Grass, Nancy

Hackler, Jeff

Hackler, Mrs. Jeff

Hambleton, Veronica

Harris, Paul

Harris, Dorothy

Johnson, Earle

King, Guy

King, Mrs. Guy

Knight, Howard M.

Knight, Olive M.

Lambrecht, Gordon M. 

Lambrecht, Lois C.

Magnuson, Winifred M. 

Marbury, Alyce

Messick, Mary Ann

Moore, Donald L.

Moore, Avis F.

Mueting, Alice Geary

Pendergrass, O.D.

Pope, Mrs. E. Cedric

Ramey, Ray, Jr.

Ramey, Mrs. Ray, Jr.

Russell, Frank P.

Russell, Irby E.

Silzell, Ralph

Silzell, Mrs. Ralph

Smith, Quinby

Smith, Elizabeth

Stafford, Ralph R.

Stickford, Emerson L.

Stickford, Roma C.

Switzer, Ronald F.

Whitfield, Andy

Whitfield, Mrs. Andy

Wolf, C.A.

Wolf, Zella Bucher

Wright, Nell Powell

Wilhm, Margie