Honor someone you love with a Memorial Donation

In our Heritage Center at 808 S. Baker Street, the Center Hallway exhibits a beautiful display of plaques which we call Foundation Stones. The black granite markers are provided as an honor or as a memorial to loved ones, by members and friends of the Society. Each marker represents a donation to the Society of $1,000.
Each black granite tile names the person or persons in whose honor or memory the donation is made. Some honor family members, and others name people who made significant contributions to the heritage of the county. Some simply name the donor as a supporter of the Society's work.  
Each granite tile is 6 x 12 inches in size. The tile can include 3 lines of text with up to 18 characters on each line. The donation are also listed in the Baxter County History quarterly during the year in which the gift was made.
Foundations Stones are a truly wonderful way pay tribute to someone important to your life and at the same time significantly support the work of the Society.
If you are interested in ordering a Foundation Stone, please let us know using our Contact Form.