Baxter County Properties Listed
       in the National Register of Historic Places

     The Big Flat School



     On County Road 121, South of the junction with AR 14, Big Flat.

     A 1938 structure built with assistance of the National Youth Administration.

     Listed in National Register of Historic Places on 11/19/1993.

     Follow this link to see the National Register technical document.

    The Buford Schoolhouse


4439 Highway 126, Buford Road.

     Constructed 1935-36 with assistance of the Works Progress Administration (WPA).

     Two-Room Schoolhouse and Community Building, natural stone and frame exterior.
     Listed in National Register of Historic Places on 9/4/1992.

     The Society currently owns this historic building, now designated the Buford
Museum and Community Event Center.

     The Casey House



     At Wade Street & Arena, at the corner of the Baxter County           
     Fairgrounds, Mountain Home.

     1858 frame dog-trot structure built by pioneer Randolph DePriest
     Casey. The oldest house standing in Mountain Home.

     Listed in National Register of Historic Places on 12/4/1975.

    Fort Smith to Jackson Road—
    "Trail of Tears"
           Talbert's Ferry Segments


     Address: Restricted, Cotter area.

     In the winter of 1838-39 the John Benge detachment of Cherokee traversed segments
     of the Old Military Road while passing through what would become Baxter County, and         forded the White River near the location of later the Talbert-Denton Ferries.
     The photo shows a commemorative 2002 temporary art installation near the crossing     
     area. The "Stone-Song" art pieces were purchased by Tyson, Inc. for a permanent
     exhibit at their corporate office. The road segments became part of the National
     Register on 9/22/2004.

     The Case-Shiras-Dearmore House



     351 E. 4th St., Mountain Home.

     An 1880 Plain Traditional style home linked to prominent local families associated with   
     the Baxter Bulletin Newspaper.

     Listed in National Register of Historic Places on 2/3/1992.

    The Cotter Bridge
    Official Name:
         The R. M. Ruthven Bridge



     On U. S. Highway 62-412 spanning the White River. The historic rainbow arch bridge   
      was built by the Marsh Co., completed and dedicated in 1930 Marsh Co. It is a National
      Historic Civil Engineering Landmark.

      Listed in National Register of Historic Places on 4/4/1990.

    The Cotter Water Tower



     Junction of Business US Highway 62 and State Street, Cotter.
     1935 Water Tower constructed with funds from the Works Progress Administration (WPA)
     Listed in National Register of Historic Places on 1/24/2007.

    The Old Cotter Gymnasium



     412 Powell St., Cotter.
     1936-1938 structure assisted by the Works Progress Administration (WPA).
     Listed in National Register of Historic Places on 9/29/1995.

    The Davis House, Norfork



     Junction of Wolf St. and Hwy. 5 South, Norfork.
     A 1928 pyramid-roof cottage.
     Listed in National Register of Historic Places on 3/23/1995.