February 17, 2017
Society to Participate in ArkansasGives on April 6

   Arkansas people have a heart for giving, and for Baxter County Historical and Genealogical Society, ArkansasGives will be a major fundraiser for this year.  On April 6, 2017, many nonprofits participate as, between the hours of 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., all Arkansans are challenged to give online to the charities of their choice.
   During this one-day event, each donation you give will help BCHGS qualify for additional bonus dollars from the Arkansas Community Foundation. 
   All participating nonprofits will receive a portion of a $450,000 pool of bonus dollars provided by ACF. The more donations the Society receives during the 12 hours, the more bonus dollars we will receive.
ozens of Arkansas charities will participate, and you can help the Historical Society by donating online during those 12 hours on April 6. Just go to ArkansasGives.org, search the participating groups for Baxter County Historical and Genealogical Society, and donate to "Grow the Love!"

February 8, 2017
GoFundMe Project benefits three local nonprofits

A special focused fundraising effort has been to help our Society, the Bull Shoals Historical Society and the Bull Shoals Library. The project involves a set of eleven handcrafted museum display cases like those pictured here.

Get the full details and participate by following this link to GoFundMe.
January 29, 2017

Society secures two-year lease agreement for 511 S. Main

     It was a happy start to the new year for the Society to be able to enter into a two-year lease agreement beginning February 1, for the use of the building by Care Center, a local faith-based rehabilitation program. Pastor Cotter launched that work in Mountain Home about two years ago, after having been trained in the national headquarters of Care Center ministry in Texas. Their mission is to provide biblical teaching and spiritual guidance for men whose lives have been sidetracked by involvement in crime, substance abuse and other issues. The ministry also provides them with a place to live and practical rehabilitation through work and service in our area. It is meant to give them a path back to being a productive member of the community.

     We believe that this lease agreement will be a win-win situation for both the ministry and for BCHGS. One positive result is that the historic building is being restored and preserved. The building was not only the location of the offices of the Carney Law firm for two decades, but for many years before that housed The Baxter Bulletin and the Shiras Brothers Printing Company.

Pastor Ty Cotter of
Care Center Ministries

December 19, 2016
     We hope you like the new look of our website and the features it has. Our purpose in making the change was to make it more colorful, more useful, and more economical. The cost of hosting this site each year is considerably less than for the service provided by the previous hosting company. That organization did a good site for us, and we again acknowledge Maryanne Edge for her work in getting it going several years ago and serving as webmaster.
     It has taken quite a bit of time in 2016 to put this site together-- and there are still things to add and tweak, of course, but our goal is for it to represent our Society well, to let users know what we do and what is going on with the Society, and certainly to be a help to those who do online research on their family history and the history of our great county and area.
     We encourage you to especially check out the databases available under the Research Tools and Helps for Your Research links. We're especially pleased that the first ten years of our Quarterly, Baxter County History, are digitized and on our site for you to explore page by page.
     When you go to the new Photo Gallery, be aware that each thumbnail photo is a link to an album of pictures. Click on the thumbnail, and then on the Gallery name to open the slideshow of photos. We will be adding new albums as soon as we can.
     Also check out the Online Store, which gives pictures and full descriptions of the items we have for sale (just click on the View Items link), and a shopping cart to collect your items in before completing the purchase. Of course, if you prefer not to purchase online, you can still contact us by email or regular mail to order items.
     Note also that there is a Query Form to use to guide you in asking us your family history questions.
     Look around the website and enjoy it. We are open to your suggestions and corrections, of course. And we can always use more volunteers to help with this and our other projects in history!