Some Historic Maps of Our County and Area


An 1856 Map of Arkansas

     The details of this old map of the state are interesting, since it shows Arkansas prior to the formation of Baxter County (1873). However, in the area where the county came to be, this map shows the location of Mountain Home under it's historic name, Rapp's Barren.

     For perspective we can note that this map is dated just two years prior to the building of The Casey House by Randolph DePriest Casey, which is the oldest house still standing in Mountain Home.

     Click on the map at right to see details in a full-page view .pdf file (open that in Acrobat if you want to enlarge it more). When done, close the tabs to return to this page.

Before the Lakes: Baxter County in 1936

     The County Map at left has a number of interesting features. First, Lake Norfork was not yet created by Norfork Dam, so when you click the image to enlarge the map you can see the roads, towns and communities which were there before they were inundated-- or moved to high ground.

     The map also shows the location of existing structures, which were far fewer in 1936, and you may see symbols indicating schools, churches and cemeteries. Seeing the clusters of the structures indicates that in 1936 Cotter was at least as densely populated as Mountain Home, a situation which began to change with the building of Norfork Dam in the early forties.

     Perhaps the most unusual thing about the map is that it's labeling and legend are printed at a 90 degree angle to the north-south axis, making it a little difficult to read.