Our Meeting for Tuesday, March 28

6:00 p.m. in the Knox Room, Baxter County Library 

Guest Speaker
  Terry Poynter


“War Stories- My Years as an Attorney in Mountain Home” is the topic Terry Poynter will share as guest speaker at the next Baxter County Historical and Genealogical Society’s monthly meeting. The meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 28, at 6:00 p.m. in the Knox Room of the Donald W. Reynolds Library, 300 Library Hill, Mountain Home.

Terry Poynter will speak as a part of the Society’s “Living History Series,” featuring local people who are contributing to the county’s history.

Terry can be considered a “special circumstances” native of Baxter County. He was born June 27, 1940 in Springfield, Missouri—but that was because as his mother had a problem pregnancy and there was no hospital in Mountain Home at the time where her baby could be delivered. Terry lived with his family in Cotter the first six years of his life. His father, Lee Poynter, worked at the roundhouse in Cotter for the railroad. His mother was Dolores Curlee Poynter.

The family moved to Mountain Home when Terry was six. They took over operation of the old Curlee Hotel which was owned by his grandparents, Mack and Mabel Curlee. The Curlees also owned the Curlee Land Company on Main Street. Terry graduated from Mtn. Home High School in 1958 and then attended the University of Arkansas. He graduated from the University of Arkansas Law School in January 1965.

After law school, Terry moved back to Mountain Home with his wife, Gay Erwin Poynter, and three small children, Lee age 2, and newborn twins Debby and Scotty. He started his local law practice working with Roy Danuser. During his career, Terry served as Deputy Prosecuting Attorney and Prosecuting Attorney for two terms for a total of ten years. After 46 years of practicing law, Terry resigned in 2012 due to health issues. Since his retirement, he has been working on a book, “War Stories” about his most bizarre cases. He is hoping to have it published sometime this year.

The mission of the Historical Society is summarized in the motto "Preserving the Past for the Future." Each person has a story, and most of us have wished that we had talked more with a parent, grandparent or other family member or friend before they were gone, taking with them the history held in their life and memory. The “Living History” series focuses on members of our community, allowing them to share some of their unique history. Terry Poynter fits the “Living History” category very well.

The monthly meeting of the Baxter County Historical and Genealogical Society will be held on Tuesday, February 28, at 6:00 p.m. in the Knox Room of the Baxter County Library. The meeting is free and the public is always welcome

The Baxter County Historical and Genealogical Society meets
on the 4th Tuesday of each month to conduct business, enjoy an informative
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and for socializing and snacks.

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