The Historical Society is an all-volunteer organization. That means we need people who will step out and help us carry out our educational-cultural mission, What about you?

     Please review the volunteer roles described below and consider whether you might be able
to give a few hours each month helping in one of these areas. On-the-job training is provided
for each, and we get a lot of enjoyment from serving in these ways. Just call 870-425-2551
to express your interest or to find out more.


Organizes and indexes items in our photo and document collections so they can be preserved, stored and easily retrieved when needed. Besides making resources more available for research, this volunteer is able to enjoy seeing a variety of interesting historical materials, by working hands-on with items in the Archives Rooms.


Using documents and photos from the Society archives, along with internet resources. this volunteer does research for patrons who submit requests for information on ancestors; or assists walk-in patrons with their family history research. Lookups are done at the Heritage Center. At least twice each month to gain familiarity with records.


Provides a smile and a friendly welcome to visitors to the Heritage Center and museum and helps to interpret the items and pictures on exhibit. Sensitive to the visotor's interest, the volunteer may provide our free brochures, sell our published items and talk to visitors about the benefits of membership.


Working with the Museum Director, this person helps create attractive and consistent signage for exhibits of artifacts and pictures. Much of the work is done in the computer, but hand work in crafting signage for displays is also required. This volunteer may also help design, build and set up museum exhibits. Some art/craft interest and skill is helpful for this role, but more training will be given. At least twice a month.


Friendly volunteers are needed to help provide a promotional presence for the Society at community events such as the Baxter County Fair, Gassville in the Park, the Cotter Bridge Bash and so on. Calls for this service are issued as events are scheduled, and volunteers donate hours in the Society event booth according to a pre-arranged schedule. Watch for announcements of this need.


If you have writing ability, you can write articles for our quarterly, Baxter County History, on assignment from the Editor, or you may have a topic of historical interest which you would like to develop and write about, and have your own item “in print.” This volunteer role can be done from home or you may research for article content in the Archives.